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We're excited to talk to you today about how a virtual assistant can chance your business and life today!

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Your virtual assistant will be perfectly matched to your real estate requirements.

Perfectly Matched VA

There are no contracts, no setup fees, no hidden fees.  Start with your virtual assistant within 3-5 days.

Easy To Get Started

We handle everything, and we make sure it's perfect all the way through.

Screened, Trained, Onboarded.

Skol Marketing

Lienna Soderling

“I love that I can customize my relationship with my VA. They can be as flexible or structured as we need and we decide that together!”

Medicare Coverage Pro

Lisa Daly

"I can tell you, hands down, using Clear desk is the best decision I have made in a very long time!  I am extremely pleased with the performance, dependability, experience & professionalism of my VA."


Sales + Business Development

VAs can help with prospecting, cold calling, and lead nurturing to help you close more deals.

With a dedicated VA, managing your email, clients, and office tasks becomes a lot easer.

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or your website blog, a virtual assistant can help keep you relevant online today.

General Office Admin

Marketing + Social Media

Real estate virtual assistants can handle scheduling, showings, prospecting, marketing, social media and so much more.

No contract.  No setup fees.  You set the hours.  Part time or full time.


Listings & Contracts

Virtual assistants can help you with your listings, agreements, contracts; they can do all the boring stuff.

Scheduling & Planning

Have a complex calendar?  Or lots of clients to manage and coordinate?  User a VA to take on all that scheduling and communication.

Personal Task Management

Virtual assistants can also take on personal tasks like scheduling dinners, buying gifts, etc!

Dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistants

"Clear Desk did a fantastic job matching us with a VA who had the technical expertise, platform experience, and self-starter attitude to hit the ground running.  By the end of our first week we had already reached out to Jeff to increase our VA’s hours with us, as she’s become an essential part of our team in just a matter of days."

David Ward


Ernesto Travieso

Reliable Mortgage Pros

"Everything Jeff is telling you is true. I know it’s hard to believe with the prices he’s giving it to you at but it is true the assistance are well-qualified and do everything you need them to do. I have had my assistance for about four months now I am very happy with her. She is even going from part-time to full-time here very soon."

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